Monday, August 22, 2011

Hot Diggity Dog

I sortof wish that we would have kept count over this summer of how many hot dogs these 2 have eaten. They could win a contest by now I think. Especially at this camping trip... I would guess about 10 were consumed!

...what can I say?
what's camping without a good old weiner!

Sad but true these are my only photo's of the Ford reunion. My camera died and we never did take another picture. A good time was had by all. I really wish I would have got some pictures of the lake and the little boys fishing. My Brother in Law carved mine and Jake's name in a tree, that would have been a good picture to have and lots of other memories. Oh well, they're tucked in the mind, like all memories are.

Summer's almost over! Sad to see it go!


  1. Every time I see a picture of Andy I seriously sit there and that really that tiny baby that I know?!! That was the fastest grow up time EVER!

  2. Yes, summer was indeed fleeting. I suppose that I feel ready to have the kiddos in school, but I will miss the carefree-ness of summer.

    I thought of you and Jake on the 16th. Happy Anniversary!


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