Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Kissing Balls" ... (not sure why the name???)

These are just some of the balls I made...
I'll admit, I'm addicted. This spring weather in Utah is DEPRESSING and these cute little projects are happy!


  1. I made these too!!! But, what cartridge on your cricut did you use to get the flowers without the hole in the middle. Those look like my flowers, but mine wouldn't cut without the hole in the middle.

  2. Elise.. it is "George and Basic Shapes" and they did have tiny holes... I did them 1 inch. But I did one layer "shadow" and one layer regular. does that make sense?

  3. Same one I used and I did them just like that as shadow layer and one regular. My pins were littler than yours though so they didn't cover the holes great. I'll have to post pictures of mine. I think they turned out darling!


  4. is a picture of mine.

    I'm loving your white with the yellow pins!! :)

  5. Jenny: I saw this today blog and thought of you! I am so going to make these!
    Check this out:


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