Monday, September 6, 2010

good times with family

It was our Anderson Reunion this weekend. These are some of the cousins, but not all... we had fun with ty dying.

when camping... keep photo's at a distance.. but there's the group doing the campfire weenie roast.

Nick had a really fun day... he is the proud (and very dirty) fisherman....

here's the giant rainbow fish.... which we promptly wrapped in foil and cooked right up in the camp fire.... TASTY!!!

Grandma and Grandpa have 2 little favorites at the moment! And who could resist... these little 2 years olds are about the cutest thing ever! (don't you love the header picture of them hugging?)
I could just eat them up!
We had an all around great weekend with our family...


  1. love the colors - what do you use? wear do you buy your colors to dye with?! we did some but with a friend and i think she pays too much for her dye!

  2. not sure... it was my sister in law's doing. She bought them online from some hippee place... the whole kit with all the dy and bottles and a book I think was like $50....

  3. Haha we totally tye dyed shirts this weekend camping too! so fun to see how different they turned out! We got a kit from Walmart that was only $10 and it made 8-9 shirts! Fun times!


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