Monday, August 9, 2010

So I had this idea.....

I'm working on a idea for the kids elementary school for the BIRTHDAY BOARD... It will say something like..

"Look WHOOO'S turned another year older..."

I couldn't find any owl's that were big enough for my liking... so I fashioned these from last years bulletin board scraps. I was going to use those big google eyes, but found some button's instead. I like them... they make me smile.

........ NOW.....I'm trying to come up with a way to make tree's that each owl can sit on... If you have any ideas or have seen anything OWL-ISH... do share!


  1. cute cute cute. You should scan mmmcrafts (link on my blog under Photographers). They have some darling owl cutouts.

  2. I love the OWL idea! They look great!

  3. so darling ... tree idea: brown paper twisted to make branches ... the bigger the paper the better - if you could get your hands on some butcher paper ooo that would be cool ... although it's 3D ... are you looking for more cut out run thru a laminator??

  4. You could use green (or fall colored) hand cutouts for the leaves. I like the twisted paper idea. You can buy rolls of butcher/newspaper rolls at the Leader, they are the ends of the reel I think they are $3. I haven't bought one in a long time. I have some at my house if you want to use it.


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