Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ford Family Reunion

A long distant glimpse of the good times in the "precious meadow"

Andy's cheesey grin... camping face... dirt, sucker, ya' know...

Aunt Cindy and her grandkids + Mason wrapping like a mummy...

cupcakes at the reunion = bad idea!!!
(I felt really dorky here and should have taken that as a warning that it was going to be a waste... oh well)

they were quite dorky... (Jennalee this is for you....)

I guess the favorite part of camping is always the fire... this is Mason's proud photo op!

twins... I swear
in efforts to save the "precious meadow" and abide by the "law of the mountain ranger" we were moving camp to the appropriate 150 feet from the road... we had set up camp a little too far off the beaten path for the forest rangers liking.... We weren't the only ones... it was a mass-migration to get us all moved! Considering the family is 300+... not sure the ranger knew who she was dealing with... but we made the most of it!


  1. How can cupcakes ever be a bad idea? I loved your family tree!

  2. cupcakes....not a bad idea! They were so cute! People just didnt appreciate them like us "Martha Stewart/Jenny Anderson fans!" Loved the pic of Mason and Andy! Please tell Mason I think he is the cutest boy ever!!!!!!!!!! I love them all equally but I am going to highlight Mason and this particular moment!

  3. I totally love the cupcakes!! they are truly the cutest! and too bad for those who didn't appreciate! thanks for taking a pic for me! hassle and all I would have loved to be there with ya! I'm thinking next year I'll make the trek again :) I love the legacy and I too miss being a kid in the summertime! those were good days! bawling now...ttyl


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