Friday, July 2, 2010

butterfly cupcakes

Butterflies, cupcakes, and weddings seem like a good combination...
(especially for 2 families uniting with kids and grandkids alike)

these little bugs turned out quite pretty...

bride and groom cake

I haven't figured out how to take good pictures in church's yet... all you photographer friends of mine... please share your tips on what setting to use on my camera for this venue...

I did four colors... the yellow might have been my favorite and I didn't take as many pictures of them. The table wasn't fully decorated yet...

Congratulations Sue... all the best to you in your new journey!


  1. Jenny! Those are INCREDIBLE! I'm so impressed. That looks like A LOT of work!!

  2. You are SO AMAZING!!!! Loved the two german chocolate cupcakes I finally got to have!!! :D


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