Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We had the funnest weekend/"first day's of summer"
after spending a day at the pool with Aunt's and Grandma and cousins we went to a beauty pageant...Andy loves sitting through such events (NOT) and so we played outside in the parking lot :) he he he
But guess who got queen.... CONTESTANT #13 Taylor Ford

guess who didn't even have a clue the rest of the world existed?... Mr. hide and seek in the parking lot.... :) he he he

Then on to BIGGER AND BETTER good times.... we had a shower for my niece Misty! Here she is the bride to be....
the hostesses/greeters/hula dancers...
the randomly decorated pole...
the spread: we had Hawaiian hay stacks and fortune cookies and pineapple fruit sherbet for dinner/desert
these are a few of the party planners...
the party was pretty casual yet fun! It's always fun to spend time together especially around these kinds of occasions. I'm so happy for my nieces and love them tons!
now... on to party #4 of the summer... I'm helping throw an anniversary party for "Feather Your Nest" a cute little shop here in town that I help do the blog for. Check it out!... I'm doing the cupcake buffett... it's a 50's theme hence the pic on my header... I was testing and those are the prototype's. If you live close come check out the real deal this weekend (Friday and Saturday 11th and 12th from 10-6) you can taste a cupcake for yourself!

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  1. Jenny, I'm so glad you stopped by the other day. You are so talented and beautiful and helpful (thanks for folding the laundry & making the bed). You're my BFF! Love you.

    PS - the cupcakes look amazing!


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