Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just "1" thing: ...

So, I'm racking my bRaIN trying to think of just OnE thing that I can do and do well enough to SeLL? You know like at a craft fair or in a shop or something like that. I like to do LoTs of things. But is there just ONE thing that I LoVE? I'm somewhat tired of having all these ideas float around in my small brain and doing nothing about it. Am I just getting sucked in to some crazy world thinking that I can sell what I do? There are lots of people out there who market themselves and their creative ideas. Perhaps using this blog as a way of doing so would be my best bet... only I have no idea where to begin... or with what? here's my list of possiblities:

fruit flower boquetts

checker board quilts
crochetted cupcakes
table top quilts
or any of the other things I have swirling in my mind that I could make... the possibilities are endless. So what am I waiting for? I'm not sure? I just can't seem to narrow it down to JUST ONE THING!


  1. I think you should do it Jenny!! And if you need any help setting up a shop (if you decide to go that route) let me know!!

  2. You could sell your wares on Etsy!

  3. I was just going to say...sell on Etsy! I LOVE Etsy! That way you could do it "made to order".

  4. do you have the machine that does that swirly stitch?? i'm loving the checker board!!

  5. Etsy shop for sure! I love the checker board. Maybe you could do quilts and checker board quilts. Do a couple of things you love. You are way talented and could really do great.

  6. Jenny, you are good at everything you do. You are a make-it-happen person. I want to be more like you.

  7. GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the quilt route is what you should go.....table top, game top whatever!!! YOU should definetly do it!

  8. Dear Jenny,
    For the past couple of days I have been thinking of you and then came upon your blog.What a cute family and you are soooo talented. I have a question for you about your crafts, call me when you can ok?
    Lynn W in Seattle


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