Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So, Andy has been a little under the weather... serious nose, throat, cough, achy, fever, bla, bla, bla.... I was worried enough that I took him to the Dr. last Saturday to make sure the green-ness to the nose business wasn't an infection or something. The Dr. said it was just a virus, not much we can do about it. BUMMER... so we came home and tried to make the little guy comfortable, when suddenly I noticed something in his mouth....

He's pretty happy about too!!!


  1. THAT IS THE CUTEST BOY EVER!!!!!! That picture of him in the tooth ring is so dang cute!!!!! Dont you wonder somtimes about Dr.'s do they really know???????
    Love that boy!

  2. Seriously cute! How on earth did you capture that first pic? You are quite the photographer!

  3. Hey Jenny -- SUPER CUTE Andy! I like the last picture -- what is it that his shirt is supposed to say?
    Love ya, too!

  4. LOLOLOLOLOL.... ohhhhh, Andy's shirt really isn't profane.... that's a good call Leah! Leave it to you to catch that too.... :) thanks for the chuckle.


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