Wednesday, December 17, 2008

unorganized gift giver....

Does it drive everyone that is around me crazy or just Jake that I am an "unorganized" gift giver. He and I had this converstaion last night about our kids Christmas's this year. The conversation became a demand for a detailed inventory and spreadsheet of what we have bought and who it is from and how much it costs... etc...etc...etc...
O.K. fine....
So, after checking the list twice...all of the unorganized and random gifts that I have bought (in his opinion) need to be taken back. I can't bring myself to do it. I really like my life random and unorganized. Call me crazy!
So, I am sharing my latest and greatest projects... also products of my "crazy unorganized gift giving spree..." I have just been creating a little here and a little there... whenever I get a minute or two (mostly during Andy's naps)... I am lOVING making fun and cute little christmas presents.... don't know who they are for... but they are filling my holiday season with loads of creative fun. I turn on the tunes.... sing along loudly and feel a little like an elf at moments. This is what makes MY holiday season meaningful and gives me a moment of repreive from the commercial crazyness. So, while I'm somewhat "unorganized" I don't need spreadsheets to help me determine who will get these gifts... just whoever I feel like~ HoPE YOuR SeaSOn IS GoINg MeRRiLy AlOnG......


  1. I'm the same :) I should have sent you a "christmas notebook" aka, the list...then you can just jot down what you can remember to jot and hand it over when its time for 'inventory' although I don't hand mine over because it had ideas for him yeah, that isn't a solution, but create away and have a great time! I am, wish we could craft together!!! be elfish! love ya

  2. Wow, I think I had the same conversation just the other night with Jason. I see something and I pick it up thinking that it would make a great gift for... whoever :)hehe. I just love the holidays and I guess I get to caught up in the spirit of it to not really 'think' about who is getting what. I was thinking of you the other night while i was working on my Christmas rag quilt. I remember when we first made my first one together years ago. You are one of the craftiest people i know :) Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Totally do that and then end up with gifts that don't go to anyone but oh well! I love your crafts and wish I was getting one!

  4. I love Christmas too -- I find I always end up giving too many presents.. Oh well :) It brings me joy and others as well. And I don't have anyone to report to either.


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