Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh this blasted Bug...

This has been a rough couple of weeks... Nick and I have had a cold and flu bug... now poor Andrew has it. How cute are baby sneezes though? Lucky for me, even though he is sick, he's still a pretty happy little guy. And lucky for me the world has stopped spinning... yesterday I felt like I was on a merry go round all day. YUCK! Now Andy has cold and it doesn't sound good... how do you know when things turn to RSV? I'm so paranoid! Here's hoping the rest of the family will not get this "blasted bug!"


  1. Those sneezes are adorable. P.s I made the pumpkin pudge, it was amazing. Unfortunately I don't have anyone to visit teach, so there they sit on my counter slowly disappearing as I eat them all myself, I may slightly resemble Chris Farley when I'm done with pan.

  2. So I just had to come check you out! This is Jenny King by the way very cute background, and I love the picture of Nick and Andrew that is sooo cute. Oh and thanks for the artichoke tips! I love them but have never tried to prepare them myself. So I'm adding you to my site if that's ok? See you.


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