Thursday, September 11, 2008

What I love about Preschool!

Nick the Preschooler has become quite the wonder kid.... like "hum... I wonder what will happen when I make this compost." That's what he called the stuff in the green bucket.
He came home from preschool today all excited about color. They experimented with shaving cream and 2 colors. This sparked his creativity and he tried lots of things.... including the compost and the color explosion trick.
1Tbsp oil... drops of food coloring... mix with a fork... drizzle slowly into a jar of clear water.... watch the colors explode!

I'll admit his curiosity sparked mine as well. We had fun experimenting together.


  1. I would love to take your kids pics. Just tell me when you're going to come visit. Andy Roo Roo is looking big and adorable. I love when they get a little meat on them. They are so lovable and sweet when you can squeeze them.

    BTW, thanks for the comments. Sometimes I start thinking no one looks and no one cares. Then I go cry on my gigantic pillow.

  2. i'm gonna have to try that color explosion! i have a pre-preschooler now ... it's time to experiment!!!

  3. So fun, I just happen to have a preschooler at home I could try that with. Thanks for the idea.

    The top picture of Andrew on the right is ADORABLE!

    I see you posted this on Sept 11. I thought about you that day - can you believe it has been 7 years?

  4. Gonna try it! Cool idea. I love preschool! Both mom and kid benefit in many ways.


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