Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Time to Jam! I tried 3 recipes... 1 with crushed pineapple, sugar, and apricots. 1 with just lemon juice, sugar, apricots and a little almond extract at the end. and 1 with honey, sugar, fresh lemon juice and crystalized ginger. All in all I have about 30 jars of jam! Andrew even cooperated by sleeping all day. What a good baby! The other's helped a little too... but only so they could eat the ginger candy. It was cool stuff... it had rice paper around it that melted in your mouth. Any kind of candy that you don't have to peel off the paper just eat right through it was loads of excitement in our day. the INSPIRATION was the picture of the cake. Doesn't that look good? I think I'll make that for Family Home Evening tonight. It has the ginger kind of jam inside. YUM


  1. Why can't you be my neighbor? Love you, Jen.

  2. First blueberry pie and now jam....Your blog makes me hungry.

  3. Smuckers and Welch's are about the extent of my jam knowledge. :)You've got some serious skill's girl.

    Love the new background.


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